The NuDirections FM Project

NuDirections FM (NDFM) is a cherished not-for-profit project that I hold close to my heart. Some three years ago, I embarked on this incredible musical journey.

NuDirections started as a humble weekly radio show on a UK local community radio station, has now morphed into a significant global music platform with my musical friends that's tuning ears worldwide!

These past three years have taken me on learning curves of many new skills and I made some serious musical friends. Every day has become a new chapter, filled with lessons, and the joy of discovering fresh faces in the music scene. It feels like I’m just scratching the surface, and honestly, I can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

NuDirections FM has grown stronger, standing tall on its musical feet, and Now it's time to step confidently into the future. The road ahead looks exciting, and I'm thrilled about the adventures waiting for us.

A massive thank you to all of my incredible musical friends who have joined me on this journey, and A huge shoutout to all of the followers, supporters, and listeners of the NuDirections FM project! Your love and enthusiasm have fuelled this musical odyssey, and I want to express my gratitude personally. You're all the heartbeat of this community, and I couldn't be more thankful.

And guess what? The best is yet to come! as NuDirections FM continues to evolve from just a music platform to bring you Blogs, Music videos, Images, and Albums we like with links to where to purchase, and introduce you to more music from around the globe. Together, let's make the next chapter even more unforgettable.

Significant Dates

May 2020 – Launched my first NuDirections radio show on a London community radio station!

Oct 2020 – NuDirections progressed to Vanderlay radio

Oct 2020 – NuDirections joined Mixcloud.

Jan 2021 – NuDirections left Vanderlay Radio and Mixcloud after realising the limitations and opportunities of a much bigger audience.

Jan 2021 – NuDirections began life as an Independent podcaster.

July 2021- NuDirections FM was conceived after talks with my musical friends joining me.

Aug 2021 – NuDirections FM (NDFM) was born.

Jun 2023 – An in-house discussion took place on how we can make NDFM more than just a music platform, and that started thinking about the 2BJazz concept.

Aug 2023 - 2BJazz was conceived to bring Blogs, Music videos, Images, Interviews, listen to albums and links to purchase into the arena.

Oct 2023 – 2BJazz was Born and now 2BJazz is the content/editorial part of NDFM.

NuDirections FM is now a significant jazz/music platform, on 24+ music platforms, with thousands of listeners worldwide in 58 countries.

NuDirections FM (NDFM) is now a haven for a diverse and discerning audience, uniting over 40,000 open-minded music enthusiasts across the world in more than 57 countries. We have spread our wings and found a home on 24+ music platforms, making the beauty of music accessible to all corners of the globe.

We're not just about playing music; we're on a mission to spotlight the tunes that often escape the mainstream's attention. Our network of talented music aficionados and friends contributes unique shows and mixes that are a reflection of their deep passion for sound. We bring together the culturally rich and stylistically diverse, showcasing music that is both uncompromising and boldly innovative.

If we had to encapsulate the essence of NDFM's music content in one word, it would be "Jazz." Every show, special or mix is an odyssey through an ever-evolving soundscape, interweaving new compositions, cherished classics, daring experimental tracks, vintage gems, obscure treasures, and, at times, even music that challenges conventional boundaries.

In our pursuit of continuous growth and evolution, NDFM has created 2BJazz, we are taking a significant step forward by venturing into the exciting world of blogs, editorials, captivating images, thought-provoking interviews, immersive music videos, and curated "Albums we like" Our album selections are a testament to the music we hold dear, providing you with links to listen and purchase, ensuring that our listeners can further explore and embrace the melodies that have captured our hearts.

We sincerely hope that you will delight in this new phase of NuDirections. Our journey is far from over, and as we expand our horizons, we're excited to embark on this next chapter with you, our cherished audience, alongside us.

Enjoy the Music We Love.