22 Oct

This programme is a small sample of the great music from North Africa. My selection includes traditional and modern music. The exotic sounds of North African music and its hypnotic rhythms have attracted some famous Western rock musicians.Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones in 1968 found trance music in Morocco with The Master Musicians of Jajouka so powerful that he recorded a live album presented to the world as Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka.In my selection, there is a piece of the Master Musicians of Jajouka. This time was recorded by the British producer Talvin Singh in 2000. Their style of music is of Sufi tradition and it has a trance quality. Same with the Gnawa music from Sahara. Mahmoud Guinia was a celebrated star of this genre. From the desert too is Tinariwen (Algeria/Mali),the Tuareg band with extraordinary links to the blues music. From Argel is the superstar of Rai music Khaled. France is a country that has an important music community of the Algerian diaspora such as Gnawa Diffusion and the recently deceased Rachid Taha.Another extraordinary band from Morocco that you can listen to is Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects, one of the most avant-garde North African bands. They used technology and modern Western sounds for the purpose of their indigenous music, not the other way around to adapt to Western music by smothering their productions. Underher is AKA for Khaled Bess, a Tunisian/Canadian successful electronic producer. His productions are very representative of electronic music with melancholic tone.I don’t usually repeat music I have played in previous shows or mixes. One of the exceptions is the very catchy and feeling-good song Ayonha by Libyan (and resident in Egypt) songwriter of Arabic Pop Hamid El Shaeri. Natacha Atlas is part of the North African diaspora (British/Egyptian). She is a prominent figure in the British World music scene. Amine Bouhafa is also part of the North African music diaspora. He is Tunisian but residing in France. Bouhafa is one of the most successful young film music composers who won a prestigious international award with the soundtrack of Timbuktu.I hope this selection whets your appetite to learn about this fascinating music.Playlist Introduction music Castles made of sand by JIMI HENDRIXInfoNDFM Website - info – pics – Content - Music Videos – NDFM’s own Music PlayerPlease go to - https://www.nudirectionsfm.com/


3- Njoom al level - AHMED FAKROUN


5- Imidiwanim - TINARIWEN

6- Glibi - BAB L’BLUZ

7- Shaba kouria - MAHMOUD GUINIA


9- Diaspora - NATACHA ATLAS

10- Strained are we - UNDERHER (KOA Remix)

11- Ayonha - HAMID EL SHAERI

12- Aicha - KHALED

13- Raï Derli - DJAM & FAM


15- Baba El Gnawi - GNAWA DIFFUSION

16- Trance Dance - HAMI BAROUDI (DJ KRUSH Mix) 

17- Searching for the passion - THE MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAJOUKA (featuring BACHIT ATTAR)

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